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Shree Suraj

A Glimpse  Of His Life  And Path To Self-Realization

            Shree Suraj  spent his early childhood in the cosmopolitan Steel City of Jamshedpur in Jharkhand. From his early childhood it was observed that he had a deep inclination of knowing the "Universal Truth", the true knowledge of the "Supreme Self".

Shreesuraj after Uplabhdhi

Although he had all the amenities of leading a luxurious and comfortable life, he took to the path of search  of eternal peace and happiness. Initially Shree Suraj started meditating in his house in Jamshedpur for attaining the universal truth, i.e. “True Knowledge”, or the “Supreme Self”.  He used to visit Church, Gurudwara and Mosque  with a devotion from the core of his heart, as if he was visiting a Hindu temple. He enjoyed  their prayers  and devotional songs.  He realized that God is equally present in all places of worship. However he realized that by the name of religion, generally the religious guides, such  as Pundits, Pujari, Moulvi, Priest, Monks etc,  misguides innocent and humble people by mis-representing the Holy books, for their own benefit.  They  sometimes create  fear in the society, by saying about the adverse effect of astrological bodies on human, such as Saturn (Shani) , Mars (Mangal),  Raghu , Ketu etc. All those prevailing anti-spiritual setup in the society  had  created in him a very strong urge to know the Truth about those religious  rituals.

Babaji in Puri

During the 1960s through the beginning of 1970s, Shree Suraj lived in the dense "Fulvani Forest"  and in the "Bhanjanagar Forest"  in the Ganjam District of Orissa. There he had  experienced  the deep meditation of “Shakti Tatwa”.  By the divine grace of Goddess “Vyaghra Devi” (his adored diety “Ishta Devi”), he was blessed with “Ashta Siddhis” and Dasha Mahavidyas”.  However  those “Ridhi and Sidhi” could not give him the eternal peace and happiness for which he was meditating and striving for. Hence, Shree Suraj proceeded, in his quest for Universal Truth, to the Himalayas  for a deeper meditation. 


During  1970s,  Shree Suraj  spent his time as a “Digambari Shadhak" (without  wearing any clothes), by meditating  in “Bhutnath Cave” and  “Narayan Cave” in the Himalayas, for attaining  “Gyan Tatwa” (Knowledge). After attaining the  “Supreme Knowledge” there,  he started explaining all scriptures,  based on his experience about “Pind Brahamand Tatwa”. His explanations were realistic  and logical. Because of that the common people of Rishikesh  and other Sadhaks (who were trying for self-realisation), started  addressing him  as -  “Atma Swaroopanand”. They  found him as a Self Realized  Saint or  Sadguru.  However in reality Shree Suraj was not  fully  satisfied even after attaining the “Supreme Meta-Physical Knowledge”  or “Gyan Tatwa” because his ultimate mission was - attaining “Eternal Peace and Happiness”. His meditation process continued. Again he proceeded towards the Himalayas  and this time to "Gangotri".  Finally Shree Suraj  went into the state of Samadhi (Trance).  After going through the state of Samadhi (Trance), he felt that the Almighty Power was within him in the form of "Eternal Peace and Happiness" also  known as “Samadhi” or “God Realization”.  He came back into his earthly  body after 21 days in "Samadhi" on 10th December 1977.  Devotees celebrate that day every year since then  as “Sambodhi Divas Utsav”.   According to Shree Suraj , any person  having such realization  can only  proclaim himself as  Sadguru, Buddha, Thirthankar, Fakir, Mahatma, Prophet, Nanak in different religions.  

 Babaji Tata

After attaining the “Universal Truth, Peace and Happiness”, Shree Suraj selected the cosmopolitan Steel City of Jamshedpur as his place for spreading the ultimate truth to All. The “Sai Suraj Ashram” was established in 1985  on the banks of Swarnarekha River in Gour Nagar at Mango in  Jamshedpur. The Ashram has been functioning  well since then. In this Aashram spiritual knowledges are shared  and the ultimate truths are  explained in a scientific and yogic way  with present examples. People from all  over the world,  irrespective of their religious belief or without having any religious belief (even the atheist)  can  come here and get their answer and ultimately the eternal peace and happiness. In this center all supreme  kind of Yogas  (“Karma Yoga”, “Bhakti Yoga”, and “Gyan Yoga”)  are being explained and performed  in the most scientific way. 

Shree Suraj Says:

“I became the supreme spirit, the supreme spirit became mine. The whole world belongs to the supreme spirit,  as such the whole world became mine. Wherever you are, whatever you are;   I am ready  to accept you. Of whatever caste, creed or religion you belong; you are mine because we all are of the supreme spirit."    



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